Kitchen styles are constantly changing, with new trends coming out every year. Most recently we witnessed cleaner, more industrial looks and the utilization of every space. Quartz countertops rose in popularity along with accents of copper and specialty lighting. The more monochromatic look we see now is a stark contrast to decades past, where bright colors were on full display. This article will give you a look on how the styles of kitchens have changed through the decades!


Kitchen design in the 1920’s was quite simple. It focused on utilization of space, which meant hoosier cabinets were commonplace. The kitchen was not seen as an entertainment space at this point but instead a work place. Kitchens were usually closed off, much unlike the more open look we see in modern kitchens. Refrigerators were now in almost every home, a definite modern day kitchen necessity!


Although still quite minimalistic and simple, the styles of kitchens grew a bit in this decade. Brighter colors became more popular, as well as different geometric patterns. Electronic appliances began to make an appearance, as well as built in cabinets. This decade was definitely a fan of functionality.


Though the main focus of the first part of this decade was the war, the 1940’s brought many changes into home and kitchen architecture and design. Aluminium or linoleum countertops became popular kitchen materials, as well as vinyl. These years brought on vivid design, with patterned wallpapers and bright, primary colors, along with floral patterned accents throughout. Freezers were now available to all, paving the way for easier food preservation.


Bring on the colors! In this decade, we saw bright colored steel cabinets, colored appliances as well as bright patterned wallpapers and accessories. Formica countertops with steel banding became popular, as did geometric patterned floors. Helpful appliances were more common, and many of these vintage appliances and looks from this era are sought after today for that lovely vintage charm.


The 1960’s saw a big change in kitchen style. Although still bright, the color schemes changed to more earth tones. Straight lines and wooden cabinets were the trend, bringing a much different vibe than the decade before.


Wood cabinets were still very much in style. The more popular colors changed to browns, oranges and yellows. Putting those colors together with the patterned wallpapers in style at the time meant for a very interesting kitchen space!


The 1980’s brought more big changes to kitchen design. Bold colors were replaced with more simple black, white and wood. White cabinets with laminate or “euro style” (white with wood trim) countertops were extremely popular, as well as white tile or formica countertops. A bit of color was still retained through floral wallpaper or curtains, and pastel paints on the walls.


Although making a few changes from the design style of the 80’s, the 1990’s kept the simplicity of the decade before. White appliances were in every kitchen, as well as oak cabinets, tile countertops, and brass hardware and fixtures.


The more recent decades have given a more modern feel. Cleaner lines, neutral colors and stainless steel appliances make for a beautiful look. Now more an entertainment space than ever, open concept kitchens are in demand, usually utilizing a kitchen island to retain work and storage space while still having that open feel. Granite countertops of different styles and colors are most sought after in kitchens of this time, fitting in with the theme of functional, clean and pretty.

We have seen kitchen styles change and grow through the years, each decade bringing it’s own sense of charm and for those from that time, nostalgia. With all of those changes, you wonder what

will be the next big kitchen trend?